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The BorgiasSeason Two of the Borgias continues Showtime's multi-award winning epic historical drama set in Renaissance Rome. Having secured the Papacy in season one and defended it from plots within the Vatican led by Cardinal Sforza and from without led by an alliance of Cardinal Della Rovere and the King of France, the Pope must now try and keep wars within his own family from tearing his project of building a dynasty apart. Once again, the parallels with the Godfather continue; having united the 5 families under his control, Pope Alexander now has to deal with insurrection in the Papal States and a plot to murder him led by Della Rovere in Rome and the mad monk Savaronola in Florence. Now that they have power, how will the Borgias use it? And who can they trust in the never ending shifting of alliances, double crosses and intrigue, all against the back drop of money, sex and the search for the ultimate power - that of God's king on Earth. This season, Peter's role as Cardinal Ascanio Sforza has been brought front and centre as he is forced to choose in the battles between Alexander and his cousins led by Giovanni and Caterina Sforza; how can he survive the plots of both families whilst adding to his ever increasing power both within the Church and outside....

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the hourAfter its smash critical reaction, universal public acclaim and a host of awards and nominations on both sides of the Atlantic, the BBC's own Mad Men returns for a second season in 2012. Set in the world of a modern, ground breaking live news show in the 1950's, The Hour is written by multi Bafta award winning Abi Morgan ( Shame, The Iron Lady, Sex Traffic, amongst others ) and stars Ben Whishaw ( Bright Star, Perfume), Dominic West ( The Wire) and Romala Garai ( Atonement, I Capture The Castle ). In season one, the hip young team were set against the establishment both within the BBC and the Tory Government led by Harold MacMillan, trying to uncover an MI6 murder ring against the catastrophe of Britain's last Empirical stand in Suez. In season two the focus is on London. Peter joins the show as the head of the Scotland Yard Vice Squad in 50's Soho who's conflicted life and his wartime friendship with Dominic West form the backdrop to a massive investigation of vice and political corruption against the new world of mass immigration and the changing face of post-war London. The show is set to air on the BBC in the UK in the summer and on BBC America heading up the fall season. Peter will appear in all 6 episodes...